Romika Annabell (full name Romika Annabell Dombrowski Osorio) was born in Hamburg, Germany. Romika Annabell grew up in a small town with stiff expectations and seeded cultural believes. Born as Romika Annabell Dombrowski, Annabell inherited her first name, Romika, from her mother and her middle name, Annabell from her father. Her mother Rosemarie Dombrowski (née Rosemarie Arndt, known as Rosi) a hair stylist owned a couple of small town hair saloons, her father Günter Dombrowski (Helmut Günter Dombrowski) an exhibition manager who organized international presentations for the company Blohm&Voss passed away as Romika Annabell was 19.


Her father Günter (known as Dommi) was born in Kioewen, Prussia (Ostpreussen/Koenigsberg), a now defunct country that resided in the borders of Germany, Poland and Russia. After his father's death during the battle of Stalingrad (WWII), Günter's mother Auguste Dombrowski, a pastry chef, saved him, as her only son, from joining the Nazi youth and flew with him about 1947 to Hamburg, Germany. The handy young man found work as a theater technician and engineered some of the earliest movie theaters in the City of Hamburg. During the film crisis Günter went to the see and worked as a chef for the marines. Under lucky circumstances he was promoted to an exhibition manager by the the company Blohm + Voss (shipbuilding and engineering works, a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems). During a period of globalization Blohm + Voss specified in luxury yachts (mega yacht Pelorus-Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich) and Cruise ship renovations (Queen Mary II, Blohm and Voss, St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany, Europe). Romika Annabell's mother was born in a small town near Hamburg in Germany to a German father who was a scenic artist at the Filmstudios Bendestorf. After WWII the small northern film town close to Hamburg became with Hildegard Knef's movie "Die Suenderin" ("The Sinner") the Hollywood of Germany in the 1950s. Romika Annabell's parents met and lived in a tiny village near Hamburg, Germany, where her mother worked as a hair stylist.


Born into a working family, Romika Annabell's childhood was filled with travel experiences and urban living. With her father traveling most of the year, and her mother working overtime in her hair saloon business, Romika Annabell drew great support from her grandmother and godmother, who took care of Annabell during her childhood years.


At the age of nineteen, Romika Annabell's life took a tragic turn for the worse when her father passed away unexpectedly. Günter's passing was quickly followed by the horrific news that Romika Annabell's boyfriend at the time, and first love, was diagnosed with cancer. The family subsequently fell into financial hardship. Prevailing after difficult years, Romika Annabell was able to graduate from commercial high school in Germany, while working as a waitress and visiting her boyfriend in the hospital.





Initially rejected by an Acting Institute in Germany, Romika Annabell started to work as an interior designer for the company Christine Kroencke and also started to study interior design at the AMD Academy of Fashion and Design Hamburg. The University she attended was a known haven for artists who spent their time studying eclectic art subjects and philosophy. While studying, Romika Annabell traveled to the South of France, where she absorbed, with great pleasure, the cultural delicacies of her new temporary home. Back in Germany Romika Annabell was hired again by Christine Kroencke. Driven by her artistic surrounding Romika Annabell quit her studies at the AMD two semesters before graduating and focused to work on her portfolio including paintings, sculptures and design of conceptional room concepts. Romika Annabell was trying to move to Paris but wasn't lucky to find an apartment, she was willing to continue her studies, but was rejected a couple of times by the only University in Hamburg where you can study modern art. Romika Annabell decided to began a new study in her field and joined an Architecture program at the HafenCity University Hamburg. After the third semester Romika Annabell went to Los Angeles and subscribed to a language course to finish her architecture studies at the UCLA. One floor under her language school was an acting studio teaching the Meisner Method Acting and Romika Annabell was encouraged to start her method acting experience. On the way to understand her creative way and not willing to be a German engineer Romika Annabell left her architecture school just prior to graduation to follow her dreams to be an actress. After a spurt of the moment decision, and eleven days later, Romika Annabell arrived back in Los Angeles with her dalmatian, Chloe, eager to start her new life. She continued the Meisner acting school, taught by Joanne Baron, where she studied for over two years; finalizing in a new language what she never got to start in Germany. Her insatiable curiosity for the arts of acting and her new found friends made her stay more encouraging. During her studies at Joanne Baron's Meisner Acting Technique Studio, Romika Annabell also wrote, the comedy series, Crazy Venice Apartment.


She starred as the lead actress in the popular music video, "Crazy For You" by Scars on 45 and was featured with Ray Liotta in Ed Sheeran's music video, "Bloodstream", promoted by the YouTube Music Award 2015.


2015 Romika Annabell produced the short film Good Star, starring herself, her husband Felipe Osorio and their Dalmatian dog in a break up story. The film was officially selected for eight international film festivals.


2017 Romika Annabell's directorial debut Arnold & Schnullie (short film).


Recently Romika Annabell played Clara in Marco Matheus's new movie "Wanderlust", produced by Benzin TV.