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Crazy Venice Apartment (2012)

Plot Summary


Crazy Venice Apartment - as the name speaks for itself - is a series that takes place in a beach apartment inhabited by an overly diverse group of friends: Cody ( an unstable, closet gay, narcissistic guy who is talented and highly motivated); John (Cody's business partner, who is a couch crasher and has an imaginary twin, Ty); Katya (Cody's Russian girlfriend, naive, romantic, and a total control freak); Craig (Political activist, angry and unhappy with his life, but really nice on the outside); Crazy Professor Feep, a hopeless Romantic; and Daniel, a total workaholic. During the course of the show, a few new characters will 'move in' to spice up the apartment: Samuel, a confident black guy, quite the successful guy with women, not so much with work; Romi, a German actress, who is easy going when it comes to parties and men; Jesse, who just happens to be fucked up! Getting high every day, all day long, playing poker, fucking with each other, and bringing guys and girls for the night from time to time; this is how they live their life. But that is not all they dream of; they wish to be Hollywood stars, rock-stars, rocket scientist, and of course, to meet the right one, have a family and grow old together with them. With so many different personalities living under the same roof, is no wonder crazy things happen on daily basis.

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