Be open yet critical.


Life is difficult, but beautiful.

Das Leben ist hard, aber schoen.


Playing a grandmother is like playing a walking baby.


Directors with visions induce great acting performances.


America is the greatest country in the world ... for films and music.


I never said I wanted to be an actor, I was just acting.


What does is it mean to have the accident of a coincidence?


Borders are a man made construct and are therefore irrelevant to earth.


Anti-authoritarian upbringing strengthens roots.


Delicacies in cultures is what I fancy.


Ask me something hard and I give you an honest answer.


Always be open for compromises but be strong in your decisions.


I always think, if humans are so smart, why isn't our way of living.


The only place a dream should rest in is your future intentions.

(I want to spend the later stages of my life in Brazil with a PiƱa Colada in my hand and a script on the other.)