Graduated as the worst student in economy but as the best in literature.


Is open to change her point of view 180 degrees.


Has an attraction to athletes.


Knows how to ride a horse.


Traveled with her dalmatian, Chloe, to the south of France during semester holidays.


Quit her Interior Design Job to move to Paris and ended up in Los Angeles.


Loves the Rain.


Has a deep appreciation for modern art.


Is generally a Vampire.


Her conservative landlord called her a dangerous European.


Her sunglasses are more expensive than her cars.


Loves strong French cheeses, wines and fish.


Eats raw meat...hamburgers.


Has bad reactions to electronics, especially mobile phones.


Needs lots of entertainment.


Met her husband as she used her neighbors kitchen, when she didn't have one.


Lost her passport in the street twice, and had it brought back to her both times.


Speaks German and French.


Has the theory that you should get up every day to the same time you are born.


Thinks she is the least complicated person on earth.


Great emotional Instrument.


Loves to host a good party.